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education matters.

so do you.

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Saturday, May 9th, 12PM-6PM


Target Audience



To inspire and empower Stanford students to become leaders in education (whether it be in policy, technology, or teaching itself) To foster a collaborative, empowering community of Stanford students who are passionate about education.

Offer students a chance to ponder and begin to answer these questions:

  • "What are some major current issues in education and how are leaders addressing them?"
  • "Why does education matter to me?"
  • "What are my unique interests and talents?"
  • "What are the various paths into a career in education and what is my unique path?"

We want students to leave conference believing that the field of education is worthy of their talents and passions and is one in which they will begin to actively take steps towards pursuing.

Target Audience

  • Students who intend to pursue careers in education
  • Students with an interest in education
  • Students from all fields who have never thought about pursuing a career in education

Scheduled Events


Description: The education technology panel will discuss the growing realms of the field and how emerging technology can help support America's schools and educators.

Speakers: Jia Liu (Coursera), Gabriel Adauto (Motion Math), Karin Forssell (GSE - Learning, Design, and Technology)

Pathways to Education

Description: Teachers who have entered the classroom from a variety of pathways will come and speak about their experiences in teacher education and beyond.

Speakers: Paymon Zarghami (Teach For America), Purva Dandona (Aspire Teaching Residency), Stephanie Castellanos (Urban Teacher Center), Jovel Queirolo (Stanford Teacher Education Program)

Diversity in Education

Description: Participants will hear from Jeffrey Camarillo about his work in underserved populations and his passion for the use of education as a source of social mobility.

Speakers: Jeffrey Camarillo


Description: Experts in early childhood education will come to speak about the value of preschool education and gain exposure to what high quality preschool education looks like.

Speakers: Beth Wise (Bing Nursery School)

K12 Lab Design Workshop

Description: The K12 Lab will lead a 60-minute design cycle to offer participants a chance to tackle a current educational issue.

Speakers: Devon Young, Katie Krummeck