Our Vision

To be a supportive, intellectual community that fosters educational engagement and cultivates future educational leaders.

Our Mission

To be a supportive community that inspires and empowers students to pursue a professional or intellectual interest in education through discussion and exploration of educational issues and careers.

Our Initiatives

SPREES provides opportunities for students to connect with each other, discuss educational issues, and explore educational careers.

Stanford Pre-Education Society presents:


education matters.

so do you.

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Saturday, February 6th, 11AM-5PM

2nd Floor Tresidder, Oak Lounge

Mission Target Audience Schedule


To inspire and empower Stanford students to become leaders in education (whether it be in policy, technology, or teaching itself) To foster a collaborative, empowering community of Stanford students who are passionate about education.

Offer students a chance to ponder and begin to answer these questions:

  • "What are some major current issues in education and how are leaders addressing them?"
  • "Why does education matter to me?"
  • "What are my unique interests and talents?"
  • "What are the various paths into a career in education and what is my unique path?"

Participants will develop their perspective of certain educational issues, be expose to other students sharing their interests in education, and be forced to reflect on their own education.

Target Audience

  • Students with any interest in education
  • Students interested in summer opportunities relating to education
  • Students from any major who are interested in learning more about the issues within education
  • Students interested in meeting others with similar interests in education
  • Students interested in learning more about contemporary issues of education in ed tech, society, and policy

Scheduled Events

Keynote: Ed-Tech

Description: During this conversation between Anant Agarwal and Dan Schwartz, the two will discuss the current and future state of education technology from their own perspectives, the emerging role of MOOCs and other education technologies, and also the implications and drawbacks of ed tech. Afterwards, there will be a short audience Q&A.

Speakers: Anant Agarwal (CEO of edX), Dan Schwartz (Dean of Stanford GSE)

Pathways to Teaching

Description: In this workshop, we will hear from teachers —elementary to university— about their experiences in the teaching profession and how they became teachers.

Speakers: Adriana Campos (STEP), Purva Dandona (Aspire Residency), Megan McClory (Stanford Chem Lecturer), Lara Kassab (SJSU)

Voices from the Classroom: African American Educators on Education

Description: This workshop will provide attendees with a wider context of what African American students face as they go through the American education system. Our panelists will talk about their personal experiences, the issues faced by students of color, and what we, as Stanford students, can do to improve our current education system.

International and Local Education Quality

Description: This panel will elaborate on policy based solutions, as well as international observations for current education problems, such as education equity and educational quality. The forum will talk more about how teaching quality can be maintained in the United States as well as in countries around the world. Questions such as what are the policy changes that can be used to address these issues, as well as how educational quality can be measured, will be answered in this panel

Speakers: Dion Burns (Research Analyst at SCOPE), Prashant Loyalka (Research Fellow at Freeman Spogli Institute), Mitchell Stevens (Associate Professor at Stanford), Eric Hanushek (Senior Fellow at Hoover Institute at Stanford)

Education Policy

Description: Louis Freedberg will lead this workshop on the history, passage, and implications of recent educational policies and initiatives. Specifically, he will focus his this workshop on the relevant issues surrounding the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which recently replaced the No Child Left Behind Act, and also the Common Core.

Speakers: Louis Freedberg (Executive Director of EdSource)

Education and Society Reflection Workshop

Description: This workshop seeks to acknowledge the impact that factors such as race, class and gender often times have on an individual's educational opportunity. Through open conversation during this workshop, participants will be able to point out many of the issues that they see as conducive to educational inequality. Attendees will begin a reflective process and learn about the current state of educational inequality in the United States by participating in an activity that simulates different students' journeys through the educational system. Attendees will then be asked to reflect on their learning and share what problems need to be fixed in order to provide all students with a quality education.

Pre-Professional Programming

Exposes & connects students to educational professionals, educational opportunities, and resources to prepare for careers in education though:
Connecting students w/ Haas & EdCareers
A Dinner series w/ educational professionals

Community Building

Strengthens the SPREES community and cultivates leaders within it by fostering bonds between students based on their interest, experience, or aspiration through:
An in-dorm discussion program
An event for aspiring teachers

GSE Programming

Exposes & connects SPREES to educational programs, students, and professors at the Stanford Graduate School of Education through:
A Research Mentorship
A Shadow Week at the GSE


Creates a collaborative, empowering community and space that enables students to explore issues and careers in education through:
A conference based on educational issues specific to certain groups


Increases awareness of SPREES and our mission as well as expands our community through:
A Fall panel event
Weekly Tea Time w/ SPREES


Inspires future educators by providing an immersive, rigorous exploration of teaching through:
A 10 week teacher shadowing experience that includes class sessions on the theory and practice of teaching