Outreach & Community Building

Fall Panel Event

To kick off each school year, SPREES hosts a major panel event that brings together prominent educational professionals to discuss issues in education.Notably, we have heard from individuals like President Hennessy, Mehran Sahami, and Michael Kirst on the importance of attracting the brightest students into teaching, the challenges and rewards of their profession, and how they arrived at their respective positions.

This fall, on Wednesday October 14th from 6-7pm, we are gathering educational professionals from numerous fields of education to engage in a conversation about the purpose of education. It’ll be a chance to meaningfully reflect on the essential role education plays in each person’s life and society.

Tea with SPREES

Every Friday from 3-4pm in Old Union 113 come hang out with the SPREES community to geek out about educational issues and meet other education geeks!

For example, SPREES may screen films and movies about education, or chat about a research article or news podcast on a current events topic in education.

Education Discussions Program

Participate in and/or lead regular discussions on educational issues in your dorm to build micro-intellectual communities around education on campus.

Aspiring Teachers Event

Know you want to be a teacher? Here's a chance to celebrate it loud and proud with fellow students who also aspire to the same career path!

This Spring, SPREES will be organizing an aspiring teachers celebration in White Plaza to give future teachers a chance to be proud of their aspiration to educate the next generation.